Friday, May 4, 2007

Texture maps

I´ve done some painting in photoshop, long and hard process but funny and relaxing, for the first time done, exporting the UVs and paint , it´s pretty cool, there is a lot of possibilities...
I´ve aplied the map only in color chanel and the black white blured version in ambiente color chanel, in the uniforme I´ve also aplied the BW in bump chanel, but this is really rought, i would like to know more about in which chanels should i aplly each map???? someone,?? well i´d love some ideas.



libra bear said...

Thats interesting. I dont know much about this stuff, but there is a documentry on final fantasy spirits within about texture mapping and compositing. I'll lend it to you if you want.

El said...

Wow Dan! These characters look amazing - I can't get over the fact you did it all so quickly. I think they suit the personalities of the characters in your story perfectly. I really enjoyed watching you acting with Kitty on Friday - can't wait to see the results on screen!