Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Novos Lideres - Agencia Punch, Brasil

Novos Lideres from Dmca on Vimeo.

This job I used particle with goal to match the objects . the brief was straight, can you do it in 2 weeks time? ( a job is a job, I can't say no, specially in difficult times like now) , I had never used particles before, so i did a small research and found that it isn't too hard to achieve that simple look.
I worked long hours and used my wife lap top to help the render. It's a very simple sphere particles set up, a few fields to move the particles about and animate the goal value for the particles. The trick was emit the exactly amount of particles for the object vertices and kill them for the next object with different amount of vertices. Well it can get complicated, adding goaal PP and radius PP expresions .... and goes on.
No time at all to do anything too much fancier. It was a good lesson in particles, render and composition in After.
Thanks David cook for the advices with particles, cache and ideas in comp.
Thnaks to Mauricio, who forwarded this job to me.
In difficult times to get a job in London I got this freelance from a client in Brazil, that is lucky and maybe means that It's time to come back homeland.
thnks all