Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First pass

Yeah, another 10 days working pretty hard, long hours trying to get all the key downs, all antecipations, extremes, holds. As well suggeting same overlap and started offseting the limbs.
now, I thinks it´s time to look and decide, wether it´s going to be this or i have to do minor changes, because after next stage, it will be difficult to change thinghs.
I have to cut same scenes, for two reasons, first, is it extreme necessary to tell the story? and do I have time to animated it?
So as i rather try to do a proper animation i´ve cutted out the last scene and the first,,ahhhh, i cried too. but it wouldn´t be possible, human speaking..
I still have to rethink about a few poses and as soon as i get the soldier movs right i will duplicate it and place.
I found very hard to animate the body language whe the general is speaking.
Yes that´s about it, i hope you enjoy and i have energy enough to finish it.

first Pass, Short "Cabron" from Dmca on Vimeo

Monday, May 28, 2007

sc 20 born to die

Bloody hell, my friends always said, daniel you are nuts.
,,,I´ve studied hard ainmation and stuffs to bring a character to life, and then... in the final project i kill the main character...uhha, what for all this work then?..hihihhihiahhahahahahuhuahauhauhau,,baaa
again, the fcurves are there, untouched, i wanna make the steps, really heavy, i think i got the time right here, just need to ajust the hit on the ground and the hold in the air, typical stuff for the graph.
cabron cames from the last shot where he was the one left standing after his enourmous sneeze, he cames just to connect the next shot looking left out screen, where zé is laughing.
Thanks for the advices, i´m thirsty to try all. thnaks guys. power and hope for all, We can doit!

sc20 from Dmca on Vimeo

Saturday, May 26, 2007


hey people
i´m having trouble with this scene, it looks too mechanical for, and the time, i can´t get it right. I´ve tried the fall slower..
i´ve simplified, just a hit on the shoulders oand consequentively on the next but with small power.
cabron lands standind because next scene his walks into the screen.
i´m still working on the gun falling and havent touched the curves.
Please tell me what you fell, what doesn´t look right for ya, please, thanks.

cabron from Dmca on Vimeo
maybe some more bouncing ,,,dunno i got tired, going to the next scen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today you gonna pay.

I found so funny this scene that i had to post it now..
it´s the first pass, after the blocomatic, i still haven´t touch the fcurves yet,,haha
after many opnioes i decided that the prisioner´s last request is gonna be,,............,you see it...ihihih

You gonna pay from Dmca on Vimeo

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ze downHill sound

yes, it´s much more interresting when you got a soundtrack on the animation.
Rob Boy Right and Alexandre Beraldo. they have done this sound track for me, and they are currently working on the soundtrack for the animation "Cabron", which is coming soon. 4 weeks to go.
thanks again
you can find Rob here... RobBoyRight
Alexandre ???? dunno.
I hope you enjoy it.

Zè Down Hill, short student film from Dmca on Vimeo

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Refs Videos

Today I went to the voice studio recorder at National Gallery, I broght my camera with me, I had to see my face, shouting the words,,,I really did. enjoy it´s funny and gonna be great reference.Thanks guys from NG.
Today you gonna pay...

gonnapay from Dmca on Vimeo
line up soldiers!

Companyyyy from Dmca on Vimeo
Achoo from Dmca on Vimeo

resmunga from Dmca on Vimeo

OhhhUhhhAhhh from Dmca on Vimeo
Kitty Acting session last friday at school.

KittySessionActing from Dmca on Vimeo
sorry guys, but you became parte of MEself.

Sneeze from Dmca on Vimeo

Another videos ...soldiers

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I think I´m good to go! uuuuaaaauuuu.Yeah!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Texture maps

I´ve done some painting in photoshop, long and hard process but funny and relaxing, for the first time done, exporting the UVs and paint , it´s pretty cool, there is a lot of possibilities...
I´ve aplied the map only in color chanel and the black white blured version in ambiente color chanel, in the uniforme I´ve also aplied the BW in bump chanel, but this is really rought, i would like to know more about in which chanels should i aplly each map???? someone,?? well i´d love some ideas.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yeah, these are my characters for the film "Cabron".
I´ve done them in about a week, from modelling to rigging. working long nights drinking my lovely port, it´s been very confident process, only doing againg things i learnt during the second term. it gave me time to try new things, like facial controls, wich i hadn´t in the previous rig.
Yeah, I´m currentely working on the texture maps while clean up the rigs.
I hope you like and as soon as i finish the maps i gonna post it, it´s been funny painting on photoshop for the first time.
cheers everyone, see you El!...hihihihih.

That´s the final animatic version, now the plan is stick to it and keep going..hihih

Final Aniamtic from Dmca