Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First pass

Yeah, another 10 days working pretty hard, long hours trying to get all the key downs, all antecipations, extremes, holds. As well suggeting same overlap and started offseting the limbs.
now, I thinks it´s time to look and decide, wether it´s going to be this or i have to do minor changes, because after next stage, it will be difficult to change thinghs.
I have to cut same scenes, for two reasons, first, is it extreme necessary to tell the story? and do I have time to animated it?
So as i rather try to do a proper animation i´ve cutted out the last scene and the first,,ahhhh, i cried too. but it wouldn´t be possible, human speaking..
I still have to rethink about a few poses and as soon as i get the soldier movs right i will duplicate it and place.
I found very hard to animate the body language whe the general is speaking.
Yes that´s about it, i hope you enjoy and i have energy enough to finish it.

first Pass, Short "Cabron" from Dmca on Vimeo


Cako said...

You are a brave man!!!!!
Keep going!!! You'll survive!!!

Best luck!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! good job... but, i think last shooting part of flow looks a bit slow... ya... i like ur sound very much.
from Min

Doctor Cerebro said...

yeah i think min is right. there is too much time between "fire!" and the sneeze of cabron.

camila said...

cd o video pronto?????