Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Final Assesment - Short film "Cabron"

Yes, I´ve done it.
That´s the movie I´ve presented at my final assesment, they seemed to like it only one camera moves i was recomend to change.
i´ve literary spent all my time animating, I have NOT done any render, only playbast, YET. That´s gonna be my home work mission till september, when we gonna have a formal screening at National Gallery, so them i´ll have a better look to my film and i´ll correct a few things.
sem mais delongas, here a few stills and the cut of the assesment. it´s too long intro and outro, gonna cut it.
thanks all for the advices and patiente with me.
I spent 2 months on this project, plus one month of research and storyboard, the preproduction stage took me about 3 weeks, modelling, rigging...The rest of the time i animated, 24/7.
The sound was done by, Rob Boy Right and Alexandre Beraldo, the guys were really creative and dedicated to do any changes i asked, it was interesting to see the atmosfere growing with the music, and rob found really fancy mexican noises. I Thanks this guys, many thanks.
and that´s ONLY the begging, the force is with you.....ma use to say..hihihi

Short Film "Cabron", by Dmca. from Dmca on VimeoThanks all,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Making Off short "Cabron"

Inverse seq. of animation proccess:

Sc3 Third Pass:

sc3 3ºpass from Dmca on Vimeo
-Check arcs, drag hands, offset finger and joints.
-Eyes, Browns, mouth, drag and snap head.
-Clean overlap, adjust spine.
-Secondary animation, beard, pin, hat, moutache....

Sc 3 Second Pass:

sc3 from Dmca on Vimeo
-Overlap, Inbetweens(arcs)
_Offset, drang limbs, hand, fingers, rotations foot and hands.
_Fcurves, graph editor, timing, easy in out, snap.

Sc3 First Pass:

sc3 1º pass from Dmca on Vimeo
_Antecipations, Breakdowns, Extremes.

Stroyboard, Animatic and Blocomatic:
_Plan the action
_Time the action
_Key poses, Holds

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

10 days to go

ai gente, please, agora é a linha final, entao quem tem que falar q fale,
se o braço ta torto, ou a perna errada, oq esta acontecendo com a cabeça? ou porque esta tao devagar,rapiudo??? quero ouvir essas criticas, ja estou saturado aqui, meses vendo esses carinhas é foda, nao vejo mais nada. suas opinioes sao validas pois so terei tempo para voltar apenas mais uma vez em cada cena, se der,,hihimas please, me fala oqestaerrado.

line up from Dmca on Vimeo

company ready from Dmca on Vimeo

second pass in a HhhhUURRYYYYY

ae cakao, esse é para vc. nao estao prontas as cenas, só estou tentanto trazer tudo junto no mesmo nivel, acho q muitas vezes eu faço demais, muito movimento, muito exagerado.

sc12 from Dmca on Vimeo

sc3 from Dmca on Vimeo

Saturday, June 2, 2007


trabalho para fiandeira...hihih