Monday, June 11, 2007

Making Off short "Cabron"

Inverse seq. of animation proccess:

Sc3 Third Pass:

sc3 3ºpass from Dmca on Vimeo
-Check arcs, drag hands, offset finger and joints.
-Eyes, Browns, mouth, drag and snap head.
-Clean overlap, adjust spine.
-Secondary animation, beard, pin, hat, moutache....

Sc 3 Second Pass:

sc3 from Dmca on Vimeo
-Overlap, Inbetweens(arcs)
_Offset, drang limbs, hand, fingers, rotations foot and hands.
_Fcurves, graph editor, timing, easy in out, snap.

Sc3 First Pass:

sc3 1º pass from Dmca on Vimeo
_Antecipations, Breakdowns, Extremes.

Stroyboard, Animatic and Blocomatic:
_Plan the action
_Time the action
_Key poses, Holds

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Richard Oud said...

Looks great Daniel! Thanks for sharing your passes.. it's fun to see how somebody else approaches his animations. Hope your short is comming along, can't wait to see the end result