Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vote for Cabron

The festival has started!!!
it´s easy to vote, you just have to click here and choose CABRON, if you haven´t registred yet, the link is below the video, quick register,,Bumm, you can vote,,,I choose 5 satrrrrsss. Like the brazilian squad...hihihii! <:) *****
THANKS everyone for the support these days.
Ahh, almost forgot,,it´s gonna be hard to win any vote because the video on air, iN fck THERE is out of sync, urrrr, the audios is out,,,anyway, I´m very happy just to be there,,,hihi and here,,hahaha |:)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

BitFilm Festival

I´m very pleased that "Cabron" was selected in the BitFilm Festival. The internet community will vote and decide the winner, the voting process from August 30 to September 25.So if you like "cabron", please take a minute to register and vote. Thanks
Final Version

Short "Cabron" from Dmca and Vimeo.