Thursday, August 9, 2007

monkey run


Yaw said...

it's interesting and enjoyable to do these two Animations, esp the mokey one. I can see you're getting more expert in Animation:) Well Done, DMCA:)

Doctor Cerebro said...

that's nice dudeeeeeeeee but i think it needs a little bit of weight, it looks too light!

Maarten Rijs said...

I watched your reel a few weeks ago, but I forgot to comment.
Really awesome! I really liked the acting.
Found a job already?


messytimbo said...

i really like it. and i kinda like the way it looks light. i think that monkeys look pretty light when they run. coz they're so agile,

Olivier Ladeuix said...

this is cool man ;-)
Cerebro thinks it is too light and Timbo thinks it is fine... what to say?

The design remind me a lot of Burning Safari so I would just do what they did ;-) just a tiny bit more wait and more snap on the up motion