Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vote for Cabron

The festival has started!!!
it´s easy to vote, you just have to click here and choose CABRON, if you haven´t registred yet, the link is below the video, quick register,,Bumm, you can vote,,,I choose 5 satrrrrsss. Like the brazilian squad...hihihii! <:) *****
THANKS everyone for the support these days.
Ahh, almost forgot,,it´s gonna be hard to win any vote because the video on air, iN fck THERE is out of sync, urrrr, the audios is out,,,anyway, I´m very happy just to be there,,,hihi and here,,hahaha |:)


Anonymous said...

Yes yes I voted...tee hee

Philip X said...

Nice work Daniel! good to see it finished well done!