Sunday, August 12, 2007

BitFilm Festival

I´m very pleased that "Cabron" was selected in the BitFilm Festival. The internet community will vote and decide the winner, the voting process from August 30 to September 25.So if you like "cabron", please take a minute to register and vote. Thanks
Final Version

Short "Cabron" from Dmca and Vimeo.


Doctor Cerebro said...

congratulatiooooooooooooons my man!!!!!!!!!!

Peer Lemmers said...

good luck with the short cabron! :-)thanks for your feedback on my blog!

Richard Oud said...

Congratulations dude.. I'll be sure to vote for you!

Did I just see you in a picture at Uli Meyer's studio? Are you working there right now?

Alex Boakye said...

Hey Daniel -

I've registered and am ready in waiting to vote for u man!! I have my fingers crossed; U'll do very well in the future.

Thanks for ur comment on my blog.
Peace, Alex.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

Uli Meyer ;-) Congrats man for both! ;-)

libra bear said...

Well done man. Glad to see the DMCA is going places. How many times can I vote for you? :)

Spangles said...

Hey mate, the film looks awesome rendered. Did you throw in any more animation, it looks just a bit more polished all round?