Saturday, April 28, 2007

ShowReel april 07

I´ve quick made this reel to apply for an intership at Framestore CFC, a big AD conpany in soho.....
The course director mailed the classe on wednesday about the oportunit at Framestore and the dead line was on friday, hihih, what can we say, laugh, while everyone was producing theirs animatics, well I did a quick collection of my animations so far plus some render stills as it was required as a plus.
The stills are from previous work as an architect, my first graduation, I still like a lot to analyze space and people. Love to travel and see different cities and cultures, people use things in so many ways that i could never imagine,,,Like,,,step in a fried´s new shoes,this happens in the whole world, china, coreia, brasil........but, pull somebodyelse´s ears in his birsday , apparently not.
Whatever, the video is here,,,,
hope you enjoy and Thanks everyone,
I´ve apreciated all comments and suport.

DMCA Showreel April07 on Vimeo

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Animatic Cabron

After long talks, many different opinions, having the script done by a friend, valeu PATROPIS, I´ve finally came up with this animatic.

I´ve added some very rought sound effects and the diologue . I´m gonne give this to two oher friends who will produce the final track. One is Alexandre, who I meet here in london and He showed very interested to composed a piano soundtrack, brilhant, innit? And the other, nothing less than RobBoyRight, The DJ where I used to work who will add the sound effects, isn´t this even more brilhant? They´ve done the soundtrack to "Zé downhill", the second term final task, which I´ll proudly post it as soon as the last version is ready.

Yeah,So, I´ve got 5 characters, It´ll be the challenge to animate all of them together in the screen, I´m thinking of blinks and small gestures in different times, trying to direct the audience´s eyes where the action itself will happen. One of them, Cabron, is very ill, he is going to change the story destiny, the other two soldiers are the same character, same rig, again offsetting theirs movs and making it slightly different. They won´t talk, so i´ll need only a few expressions. The general and the prisioner will have a full rig. So you see it, I hope you find an unexpected endding and enjoy it.

Animatic Final project on Vimeo

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Storyboard Last Proj.

First attemp to the final project storyboard..I´m really not sure about the opening sequence and also the endding.
as i got 5 character, being 2 similars, i won´t have enought time to model all of them, I´m planning to use one model I animated before, Zé, and use Sergio, another model someone found on the net. So I´ll only hove to model 2 character and they don´t speak, so it´ll be faster.
I´m still planning, so things might change. Also, someone said i shouldn´t follow the picture so strictly, maybe i could clean up the story and make this with less characters. Dunno, I have to think in how and what is important in the story.
Well, here I am trying to squeeze off something interesting of my brain.
cheers everyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thumbnail Final project

after weeks of hard meditation about trying to get something squeezed from the choseen painting,,, I decide to came back and pick another,,,it´s too hard,,,and it was the best I´ve done, because when i saw this painting I figured out all the story...I like it, think has drama and funny potential, for a 1 minute animation.
The painting my animation will be based on is " the execution of maximiliano" by manet.

The execution of maximiliano.( I need a title)
It´s about the stupidy of war and prisioners execution.

A couple of soldiers getting alingned to execute a war prisoner. The general looking to checking the soldiers position turns and walks to maximiliano and says:
Gen-“ you are going to be executed for war crimes…….do you have anything to say?”
Max-“ I did it for my country”
General turns back, walk to the soldiers looking in theirs face and see a tardy soldier arrinving,,,
General starts the last count:
Gen-“ All marks….”
The last soldier try to get on his mark, but he´s kind of muddled, having problem with his uniform, helmet. He´s definitely late. He trip and lean on the next soldier…
Gen – “ SHOOT….!”
Gen _ “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
The soldiers missed the shot when the tardy soldiers lean on then and killed the general.I added another bullet breaking the chain and freeing the prisioner.

I´ve done a rough thumbnail of the story,,now i´ll started giving it more details and defining ecxately camera angles and lights.
I´ll look for same ref about mexican landscape and mexican faces,,,I don´t want to get to much detailed characters because I won´t have time at all to madelling and rigging and more frustating,
I definately, WON´T have ANY support from teachers at CSM school to do that part. There is none support for 3d learning over there..even how to setup properly a 3D character, i don´t understant, it´s a 3d character animation course, and they theach very well animation, but the 3d side is completely left behind....yeah. it´s a shame, I see so many great potential over there but very little people in my class will leave the course knowing how to set up a 3D character...Hopefully i got the library and friends.
Sorry I had to put my opinion somewhere.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Flour sack animation

Yes I was starving for animation, so I found this rig on the web and had to have a go..
I did it in 2 days, working basically straight ahead, no poses and pre steup movs,,, it was hard to start, so nothing better than having the sack getting up. but them i couln´t stop, evry frame i wanna do more, this way has got good flow, but doesn´t end easy.. it´s cool just to practse some follow trough and stuffs..I hope you enjoy..Mariano gave the tip it was to light, so I made it falls faster. Thanks compadre.

Flour sack on Vimeo

walk cycle

I´ve been working on this cycle 3 days now, started with richard willians poses, cycle on 30 frames starting with contact pos.
I tried to give a confident kind of surfer or skateboarder look.
Its not finished, lot to do, fix spine, pelvis and hands,,, and so on, but i started to get busy wth my final project so decide to post here and live as a work in progress, but i´m finishing it. I wanna study this stuff before crazy and deep look to the animation curves.
crits would be valuable for next updates...
thnks all

Walk cycle on Vimeo