Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Storyboard Last Proj.

First attemp to the final project storyboard..I´m really not sure about the opening sequence and also the endding.
as i got 5 character, being 2 similars, i won´t have enought time to model all of them, I´m planning to use one model I animated before, Zé, and use Sergio, another model someone found on the net. So I´ll only hove to model 2 character and they don´t speak, so it´ll be faster.
I´m still planning, so things might change. Also, someone said i shouldn´t follow the picture so strictly, maybe i could clean up the story and make this with less characters. Dunno, I have to think in how and what is important in the story.
Well, here I am trying to squeeze off something interesting of my brain.
cheers everyone.


Richard Oud said...

He dude.. your boards look pretty clear! I like them.. hope you can work out your story problems!

Thanks for following my blog.. really appreciate all te input from outside.
To answer your question regarding my own storyboards.. I'm working on them as we speak! I'll post them as soon as they are done.

Hope to see new progress from you soon dude.. keep it up!

libra bear said...

Looks like it's coming along. I never thought having a lot of characters in 3d would be that much of a problem. (maybe rendering) especially if they are just background characters. Cant you apply small animations to them and have them loop or something. forgive me if that sounds silly but I don't have a good understanding of Maya. I'll talk to you about it on monday. :)

Mendi said...

great! the last part is a typical DMCA animation! i guess you had to add that extra imaginative bit! haha you overcomplicated man! cool to see that. i am also struggling with my project, man, and i already modeled two very simple characters... i think my project is going to be extreeeeemely stupid...

messytimbo said...

it's good so far and it's pretty clear. i think bits may change over the next couple of weeks but that just a natural process of refining things, which is a good thing. for the fisrt draft of the storyboad it's very good.

i've not done much in the way of a storyboad yet, but me and shouren (we're working together on the project) have been working a lot on the design and research for the project. we've got a blog. the link is at the top of my page (making of peep box)

see you monday