Saturday, April 28, 2007

ShowReel april 07

I´ve quick made this reel to apply for an intership at Framestore CFC, a big AD conpany in soho.....
The course director mailed the classe on wednesday about the oportunit at Framestore and the dead line was on friday, hihih, what can we say, laugh, while everyone was producing theirs animatics, well I did a quick collection of my animations so far plus some render stills as it was required as a plus.
The stills are from previous work as an architect, my first graduation, I still like a lot to analyze space and people. Love to travel and see different cities and cultures, people use things in so many ways that i could never imagine,,,Like,,,step in a fried´s new shoes,this happens in the whole world, china, coreia, brasil........but, pull somebodyelse´s ears in his birsday , apparently not.
Whatever, the video is here,,,,
hope you enjoy and Thanks everyone,
I´ve apreciated all comments and suport.

DMCA Showreel April07 on Vimeo

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Philip X said...

As always Daniel excellent animation you can only get better!