Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thumbnail Final project

after weeks of hard meditation about trying to get something squeezed from the choseen painting,,, I decide to came back and pick another,,,it´s too hard,,,and it was the best I´ve done, because when i saw this painting I figured out all the story...I like it, think has drama and funny potential, for a 1 minute animation.
The painting my animation will be based on is " the execution of maximiliano" by manet.

The execution of maximiliano.( I need a title)
It´s about the stupidy of war and prisioners execution.

A couple of soldiers getting alingned to execute a war prisoner. The general looking to checking the soldiers position turns and walks to maximiliano and says:
Gen-“ you are going to be executed for war crimes…….do you have anything to say?”
Max-“ I did it for my country”
General turns back, walk to the soldiers looking in theirs face and see a tardy soldier arrinving,,,
General starts the last count:
Gen-“ All marks….”
The last soldier try to get on his mark, but he´s kind of muddled, having problem with his uniform, helmet. He´s definitely late. He trip and lean on the next soldier…
Gen – “ SHOOT….!”
Gen _ “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
The soldiers missed the shot when the tardy soldiers lean on then and killed the general.I added another bullet breaking the chain and freeing the prisioner.

I´ve done a rough thumbnail of the story,,now i´ll started giving it more details and defining ecxately camera angles and lights.
I´ll look for same ref about mexican landscape and mexican faces,,,I don´t want to get to much detailed characters because I won´t have time at all to madelling and rigging and more frustating,
I definately, WON´T have ANY support from teachers at CSM school to do that part. There is none support for 3d learning over there..even how to setup properly a 3D character, i don´t understant, it´s a 3d character animation course, and they theach very well animation, but the 3d side is completely left behind....yeah. it´s a shame, I see so many great potential over there but very little people in my class will leave the course knowing how to set up a 3D character...Hopefully i got the library and friends.
Sorry I had to put my opinion somewhere.


messytimbo said...

sound like a nice idea and it's good that you've done a ruff story board already.

we still have time so keep on developing your ideas.

your making good progress, keep it up.

libra bear said...

I can't believe you have a storyboard already, I better get my skates on, keep up the energy bro, feelin it through the keyboard :)

Sofia said...

quero ver só ver dani como vai ficar....