Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Animatic Cabron

After long talks, many different opinions, having the script done by a friend, valeu PATROPIS, I´ve finally came up with this animatic.

I´ve added some very rought sound effects and the diologue . I´m gonne give this to two oher friends who will produce the final track. One is Alexandre, who I meet here in london and He showed very interested to composed a piano soundtrack, brilhant, innit? And the other, nothing less than RobBoyRight, The DJ where I used to work who will add the sound effects, isn´t this even more brilhant? They´ve done the soundtrack to "Zé downhill", the second term final task, which I´ll proudly post it as soon as the last version is ready.

Yeah,So, I´ve got 5 characters, It´ll be the challenge to animate all of them together in the screen, I´m thinking of blinks and small gestures in different times, trying to direct the audience´s eyes where the action itself will happen. One of them, Cabron, is very ill, he is going to change the story destiny, the other two soldiers are the same character, same rig, again offsetting theirs movs and making it slightly different. They won´t talk, so i´ll need only a few expressions. The general and the prisioner will have a full rig. So you see it, I hope you find an unexpected endding and enjoy it.

Animatic Final project on Vimeo

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