Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Final Assesment - Short film "Cabron"

Yes, I´ve done it.
That´s the movie I´ve presented at my final assesment, they seemed to like it only one camera moves i was recomend to change.
i´ve literary spent all my time animating, I have NOT done any render, only playbast, YET. That´s gonna be my home work mission till september, when we gonna have a formal screening at National Gallery, so them i´ll have a better look to my film and i´ll correct a few things.
sem mais delongas, here a few stills and the cut of the assesment. it´s too long intro and outro, gonna cut it.
thanks all for the advices and patiente with me.
I spent 2 months on this project, plus one month of research and storyboard, the preproduction stage took me about 3 weeks, modelling, rigging...The rest of the time i animated, 24/7.
The sound was done by, Rob Boy Right and Alexandre Beraldo, the guys were really creative and dedicated to do any changes i asked, it was interesting to see the atmosfere growing with the music, and rob found really fancy mexican noises. I Thanks this guys, many thanks.
and that´s ONLY the begging, the force is with you.....ma use to say..hihihi

Short Film "Cabron", by Dmca. from Dmca on VimeoThanks all,


Sofia said...

aeeeeeeeee PARABéNS!!!!!! ficou pronto ein!!!!
mto legal, a música ta muito boa e as cores tb, só n entendi pq o zé n fala nada só resmunga.....


Richard Oud said...

Congratulations my friend! You should be proud of yourself for finishing your movie.. I know how hard it is, but you've done an excellent job!

Can't wait to see the final rendered version!

Sofia said...

ahhhhhh n tinha entendido q faltava renderizar..... esse fds tento falar c vcs... saudades

Olivier Ladeuix said...

cool man. you did a great job in the time allocated. Hopefully you are gonna have time to do some of the tweaks we spoke about.


Yaw said...

Companyyyyyyyyy...haha......i'll keep laughing at it until u have another new film uplaoded. Good work, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

hey man
your hard work and enthusiasm are you power, keep it up..
I love your style, so much energy in the movments.

Philip X said...

Hey Daniel,

Cool and now for some crit...

yes the wide shots the background needs to be fully in focus and the long shots need to be fully out of focus. The reason being is if your doing a wide lens shot you are trying to show people the whole scene as it hwere. And the long tight shots your just trying to focus on one thing for example the long shot on the captain we only need to see him and therfore you need to blur out the background. Thats why others where saying the backgrounds where a bit distracting becasuse its not how the eyes are used to seeing things.

The fall needs to be slightly deleyed like a bit cartooney styly where they hang in the air before droping a bit like willy cyote when he drops of the cliff a look of suprise, then realization hes going to fall then the acceleration into the fall.

Ill look again and try and find things.... but it would be easier after you have changed the background style.

Philip X said...

the bullet enters his left side and the blood is on the right. You maybe could also make the gun fall pointing the other way I know he fires when he sneezes but the gun falls in the opposite direction which makes the anticioation seem to go in the wrong direction if you know what I mean. You could also possibly add after the sneeze a close up of the hand pulling on the trigger, again make sure the the gun is pointing towards the captain.
I say this cos its not obvios if the gun goes off when he drops it or he pulls the trigger when he sneezes.

Its an old photography film. The lines have to point in the direction you want to lead people.

Example : if you publish a photo on a cover of a magazine, say a polition walking then you would use aq picture that is walking from left to right and not right to left (european mags and the opposite for japanese, chinese etc their mags read in the opposite direction) this would then lead you into the magazine or newspaper and not out of it.

philip :)

Philip X said...

ps: I expect the same : )

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

phil no worries, gonna do it, Thanks every one, I´m working on the render now.