Saturday, May 26, 2007


hey people
i´m having trouble with this scene, it looks too mechanical for, and the time, i can´t get it right. I´ve tried the fall slower..
i´ve simplified, just a hit on the shoulders oand consequentively on the next but with small power.
cabron lands standind because next scene his walks into the screen.
i´m still working on the gun falling and havent touched the curves.
Please tell me what you fell, what doesn´t look right for ya, please, thanks.

cabron from Dmca on Vimeo
maybe some more bouncing ,,,dunno i got tired, going to the next scen.


Doctor Cerebro said...

haha that's funny. it's hard to say, the scene is so short... but i think that the upper spine and the heads of the soldiers, they seem to ease in at the end of the fall, instead of just dropping dead flat on the ground. And as well i think that cabron's right foot arrives late to take the weight. it's just a matter of a few frames and it's difficult to watch it here...

Doctor Cerebro said...

...mmm... watching it again and again and again, i think the problem is the spacing at the end of the fall. to me it's like you could remove one or two frames before they hit the ground, to make the impact bigger.

Richard Oud said...

I don't know.. the hit seems just about right, but I would speed it up just 1 or 2 frames.

The fall of both the characters is just as cerebro said, remove one or two frames before they hit so it feel like they hit harder. Right now they ease in to it, which wouldn't make sense if you fall down right.