Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yeah, these are my characters for the film "Cabron".
I´ve done them in about a week, from modelling to rigging. working long nights drinking my lovely port, it´s been very confident process, only doing againg things i learnt during the second term. it gave me time to try new things, like facial controls, wich i hadn´t in the previous rig.
Yeah, I´m currentely working on the texture maps while clean up the rigs.
I hope you like and as soon as i finish the maps i gonna post it, it´s been funny painting on photoshop for the first time.
cheers everyone, see you El!...hihihihih.

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messytimbo said...

very cool man!

i used to do i a bita 3d in my day. but i take my cowboy hat off to ya, this is much better than what i used to do.

how your pauline?