Monday, May 28, 2007

sc 20 born to die

Bloody hell, my friends always said, daniel you are nuts.
,,,I´ve studied hard ainmation and stuffs to bring a character to life, and then... in the final project i kill the main character...uhha, what for all this work then?..hihihhihiahhahahahahuhuahauhauhau,,baaa
again, the fcurves are there, untouched, i wanna make the steps, really heavy, i think i got the time right here, just need to ajust the hit on the ground and the hold in the air, typical stuff for the graph.
cabron cames from the last shot where he was the one left standing after his enourmous sneeze, he cames just to connect the next shot looking left out screen, where zé is laughing.
Thanks for the advices, i´m thirsty to try all. thnaks guys. power and hope for all, We can doit!

sc20 from Dmca on Vimeo

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Doctor Cerebro said...

hey dude i am here with wesley, he says that either you've got too many poses or your holds arent long enough. i think i agree, you should hold those poses still more time before the fall, you know, like prolonguing the agony of the man about to die...