Monday, March 26, 2007

Ze Down Hill

next 6 weeks i had to animate my final task project, which was a single character trying to achieve a difficult task,
I had to finish my model,
fix the skin weights and controls and I had to make another setup for the scene where he is in the parachute, i had to have a spline spine, because the root of the movment wasn´t anymore at the pelvis ,as usual, but instead it´s on the rig and more pain in the as.........
I posted same still of the animation first.
The animation, Zé down hill, 36s. 4 weeks work.
The blocomatic, which was the first time I did, and clearly could realize how helpfull is doing, time and composition are the key here.
and a rehearsal i did for the jump, which i wann make it soft and light, very different to myself jumping.

Zé DownHill on Vimeo


my jump rehearsal


libra bear said...

Heh Heh, your a brave mo'fo to put your ref videos up. But its nice to see your process. Love the skaters attitude man. His posture just screams "cool dude" Looks like he's crazy enough to try anything. Love the weight of the parachute when it opens. The way you approach your work is inspirational and I continue to learn from you.

messytimbo said...

good stuff man. there a lot of stuff on here now. keep it up. once a week at least.

hope your final project stuff is going ok.