Monday, March 26, 2007

Second term at central saint Martin animation school

when i came back from holidays, I had to produce same animal run. Then it´s finished, no more cycles, no more ..
Now the matter was, body´s so more interesting when you feel what you are saying..and so subtle, just a blink, or a weight shift..they don´t need to be moving the arms all the time, or jumping or´s said " the most comum mistake of animations studets is: trying to do too much at the same time." yeah,,,I didn´t miss that,,,you can see on the "smurf sees a lady boy",,,too much happening there.
Yeah, I think I´ve learnt this thing at the time,,,ALWAYS,,,

Doctor zilman on Vimeo

Am I going Mad? on Vimeo
Lip sync rehearsal

calculator animation and rehearsal

smurf sees lady boy

3d and 2d animal run on Vimeo

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