Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wip Flour sack marchy

just an update

march wip from Dmca on Vimeo.

3d animation flour sack wip from Dmca on Vimeo.


messytimbo said...

yep yep. it's all looking real good buddy.

libra bear said...

Glad to see your still busy bro....I have one thing and this is me being ridiculously pickey, with the last 2 sacks in the que, could u alter the movement so that they are not steping with the same leg at the same time, kind of what you did with the first 2...

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey wes, thanks, always fighting innit.
cool, i did another version with really delayed, looks artificial. but the half delayed is good,,,i fix some pops as well, but i'm having trouble updating the clip on the character set in maya, so i'm researching a bit beforehand.

what about you , how is scot?

tim, thanks for passing by.