Monday, March 24, 2008

Fs wip sh1

Fs wip sh1 from Dmca on Vimeo.
Here is an updated, I'm still working I just added all the positions for this shot. same changes in timing and still missing something at the end of the last jump to connect with the cycle, I've toned down the arms swing there and changed its directions till next pose, but still looks weird,maybe the bounce should be bigger or ....
I used the trax only to store the clips and update modifications on the soldiers clips.
Once the main FS was baked I had to clean up the keys, very alike working with mocap, and then add new poses. The funny was that the walk is there already, all the times and movs as well, for good or bady, but it's kind of cool because you have less possibilities and more precision on the characters actions.So it directs your alterations. anyway, I don't want to talk girerish again...hihhi


messytimbo said...

i can see your putting a lot of enrgy into this, which i like to see. is this a test for you to purely learn somthing, or is it a short your working on?

Doctor Cerebro said...

hahaha fun!
have you seen disney's Fantasia?
i think you should cjeck it out

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim, it's both and none at the same time, learning a feel tools, practise animation, and trying to create something.
mariano.. I just need some buckets and brooms,,haha

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey dude

this is working out nice hey? I was a bit confused at the first jump, i didnt realise he was trying to look ahead, but after the third move where he looks to the side, it all made sense. (Is that too late to understand? i dunno)
I think the reason I didnt think he was looking ahead is because his head (the space between the arms) was not the highest point. I guess that means I would have kept his arms down at the top of the first his 'head' is highest...comprende?
Its got a nice flowing cartoony feel, and is smooth, well done... and as usual, the idea seems better now that you are visually creating it, well done