Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bafta to "Zingizilla's", Blue Zoo production

The show I worked in 2009 London at Blue Zoo called "Zingizilla's won a Bafta in the ‘Interactive’ category after beating The Secret Dancer, Home Sheep Home and The Well. Blue-Zoo originally produced all of the animated idents for the ‘Zingzilla’s’ TV series and was then commissioned by Helen Stephens and the in-house Cbeebies Interactive team to work with Plug-In Media to create the animated characters for the website. The project was run in-house at Blue-Zoo by Tom Hales.

That's pretty cool, well deserved to all hard worker animator over there. Congrats Tom, Mat, Adhia and All Blue Zoo studio, congratulations guys.

Play Game animations I animated these birds behind the counter, pretty fun days.

Also, congratulations to all who worked Whith Helen on Bedtime stories.

Blue Zoo is doing a collections of Baftas, well done!

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G1toons said...

congrats man, hows it going, hows the young one, are you back at AM