Wednesday, June 17, 2009

week10 and 11 Personality walk


messytimbo said...

dude it's looking great over here! you've got so much better, you must feel really proud.

do you feel the improvement?

Philip X said...

Love the walking over the floorboards :)
Ill keep having a look so i can get some free lessons :))

Hey, I need to use Max is it difficult to animate in? What are the major differences? Got any good tips?

I was just about to slink away from the UK away and forget I'd ever done animation and I got caught by a german company who wants me to do some work with them... Shock, horror!!

ps: So the creeping over the floorboards is very appropriate to how i feel at the moment... very nervous :(

Philip X said...

ps: did they supply the rigs with the ball heads? or did you get them off the web?