Saturday, January 31, 2009


Metro drawings


messytimbo said...

hey man, nice drawings. i wanna see more.

Carlos Fraiha N. de A. Barbosa said...

Adorei o da mulher com o cabelo caido! Quanto mais rabiscado melhor.

Pois e', fiquei super feliz com o negocio da Time Out =) Nao to ganhando dinheiro, mas pelo menos isso, ne?
E vc, o que tem aprontado? Eu voltei do Brasil e to aqui a procura de trabalho agora... Dureeeeza. Vc ja conseguiu um depois da ultima vez que falamos? Se souber de algo me da' um toque.

Philip X said...

Hey Daniel,

Nice stuff. Love the Z-brush work! How are you finding it? I see You've been really busy are you still working at the moment? I just finished my comic book ill post it at some point, i need to ask them if it's ok first. And yes the drawing i did was hand drawn. Its still not finished and is just the first sketch i want to do as a painting but i have no space to do anything like that where im living.. which sucks. Anyway speak later we have to get together sometime.. when its a bit warmer i dont want to leave the house at the mo too bloody cold!