Sunday, December 14, 2008

Horse Maya_ZBrush

That's another quick 3d sketch I did last couple of days. I've started in maya to build the low poly model that I took into ZBrush and added musculature and details from then I exported displacement map and a low poly model resolution level 2 and rendered it into maya using mental ray. That is a nice technic, it brings into the model nice details adding a lot to the character.
I feel I need to concentrate better in generating UV maps, I guess a lot of the discrepancies from the ZBrush model to the final horse render is from a bad UV map.
Anyway that was just to learn, first time i completed the all workflow. I want to test how it would behave in animation. I guess would be very weird see all the muscles not moving or getting strange deformations. Here are another few lessons to learn.
Thanks all.

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