Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ratatoule 4

From the ratatoule book, I was refreshing my mind for the next project. A couple of nights learning cg painting in photoshop, it's really hard for me. I found hard to drawn straight in the tablet, so I was only coloring to learn, get the grip.
Now that i got fresh, I can start another little animation, i've sckecthed some poses and choose this new version, moon v4 from highend3d, it's very cool, nice facial controls, strech...cartoon. I want still keep practising some more body mechanics before get started in any acting. Just following orders. haha.zzzzzzzzzzzzz
moon v4
hey monga, abrzs ai meu amigo.tchau


messytimbo said...

that rat looks like he's had a guinness session with you down the pub.

i think ratatoule 4 is coming to disney dvd next week. 5 the week after that.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hahah hey tim, I knew someone would say that, It would be good, amother 3 of them, I was just the name of the file.hhihi