Monday, November 19, 2007


Hy Guys, thanks for the tips, i made fast up and down, still think could adjust more.
I´d love to hear if it got any better. thanks
wip bloke jump28 from Dmca on Vimeo.
I tryied to add a kick in the air but not very well planed. good practise.

Bloke jump final from Dmca on Vimeo.
and i had to try, It looks so much funier when i place these two run togheter.

Monkey after Blue man from Dmca on Vimeo.


Joe Karg said...

Sweet vids. I really like that squash and stretch in the top one, and the monkey chase is hilarious. Can't wait to see more.

libra bear said...

the monkey chase is hilarious...did you intend for the jump man to look rubbery?

Spangles said...

Hi mate, monkey chase is cool.

With the jump not sure how far through you are yet, but it just seems a bit slow and floaty, like a beach ball in the wind rather than somebody.

Just trying to help out rather than slate it!

Doctor Cerebro said...

i agree with these sons of guns. funny chase and slow jump. stop. see ya later. stop. cabron. stop.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hy guys,
thnaks for you views.
wes . yes i tried to make it very cartony, big stretch and squash within.
I had it faster but then i decided to make more float, longer in the air, maybe i was wrong.

David Beer said...

Hey Guys
Ha, Daniel, one of a kind mate!
hey, Dude, I think the arms and head in the jump are awesome, whatever you did, keep doing it.
The feet ideas are too much for me, perhaps you should tone it down so it remains funky but still believable.
And he needs to land faster.
Good stuff though.
I got some hectic crit from an animator on the web, Ben Wiggs, I emailed him with a link to my reel, was so frustrating went back and changed several things, but I was real greatful for his help. Amazing how much he managed to pick up on an embeded vimeo clip!